What does the Software do?

Digital Science & Virtual Lab software is ???O??? Level science (physics, chemistry, biology) and mathematics digitized content designed to ease the teaching & learning of concepts through animated visualization (moving objects). Using the aspect of sight, the software enables learners to more easily remember what they have learned.MAG_8646

???It is very hard to forget, when you see those illustrations. The movements and colours look so real and it sticks in your head?????? Daphne Ibudi, Gayaza High School.

How can my school get the software?

We ask all interested schools, students, parents & school owners to contact us (contact details, at the bottom right side of this page) and we shall get the software to you the same or next day.

What does my school require to get the software?

Basic requirements are computers, electricity (National grid or alternative power e.g. a generator or solar) and at least one room that you would be set aside for our program. The room must be clean, secure and if possible, unencumbered by other activities.

Can teachers use Digital Science?

Yes, teachers are the key users of the software. We train teachers in computer skills and then in the use of the software. As part of our agreement with schools, we regularly meet with and re-train teachers, to ensure their competent use of the software.

When should I use Digital Science?

We recommend immediate and regular use of the software, as much as possible, throughout the academic year. However, schools have their own timetables, so we let each client fit the software into their timetable, depending on availability of teachers, computers, space, power, etc.

Can a teacher use the software without a projector?


In the absence of a projector, teachers may use only computers. However, note that with its small screen and the large number of students, it can be quite constraining. A remedy for the lack of a projector is where you have several computers in one room (what we call a ???cyber room???) where small groups of students, say 5-10, gather around a computer, as the teacher conducts the class. 10 computers running the same lesson would cater for a class of 50-60 students. We also have a ???client-server??? option, where the software is installed on a central portal, then streamed to all computers linked to it, within the school.

What are the fees?

We lease the product to our clients (not an outright sale). We charge 10,000/= per ???O??? Level student, per term. We charge for up to 600 students. Even if a school has more than 600 ???O??? Level students, our maximum fee is for 600 students. We also give schools hardware and cash rewards for teachers, based on their use of the software, for schools that have at least 200 ???O??? Level students.

Do you have software for other subjects?

Not currently.

In which schools is the software currently running?

We are running in over 850 Government and private schools, all over Uganda ??? rural, urban and very rural. Please see the dotted map, showing the school locations??to see our list of client schools, along with testimonials from several schools.

May I, as an individual, buy the software?

We do not lease the software to individuals. So the answer currently is no. Our alternative offers are:

  • A holiday program for students, called Digital Science Revision Service (DSRS) ??? please go to….for details.
  • We will also soon launch a Revision DVD (questions & answers ??? with animations), which will be for sale, for each of the four subjects at an affordable price.