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Digital Science & Virtual Lab Software


No Internet Required

Simply come to our offices to have the software installed or call us for a home delivery

120 Topics / 373 sub topics

The software is very extensive and covers all the topics and subtopics in O-Level Sciences and Mathematics

6,000 2d & 3d Animations

Learn in a fun and visual way that makes it easy to understand abstract concepts

Full Curriculum Coverage

Get the full curriculum content for Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics

Includes Tests and Quizzes

Test your understanding of the concepts by taking the tests and quizzes that are present for every sub-topic.

Virtual Lab

A laboratory at your convenience. With over 157 practicals, Virtual Lab provides you with all facilities of a typical laboratory for easy, cheap and repetitive practice.

Fully Interactive

There are plenty of interactive animations within the software that re-inforce the learner's ability to understand abstract concepts

Bring out the Scientist in Your Child

Get them Digital Science & Virtual Lab

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Frequently asked questions

Cyber School Technology Solutions has been in operation since 2006. That makes us 12 years old
in Uganda, the oldest e-learning software development company in Uganda to date.

Yes, individuals can subscribe to the software on an annual basis at 100,000 shs per year. 

This is not possible in the current version of the software. However, it will be possible in the web/internet-based version of the software.
The Digital Science and Virtual Lab software has caused very significant improvements in attitude towards science and math in many of the schools using our software, including improvement in grades. The testimonials shared attest to this. Please see the testimonials section.
The software does not require internet connectivity at all. All you need is a computer and you are good to go. The new version being developed will have both options of being used offline and online.

The software does not allow editing and adding of personalized notes. This is done to safeguard
publishing of content that may not be curriculum specific. It is a way of quality control since our
software undergoes a very rigorous vetting process for conformity to quality.
What the software does allow is feedback from users of new content they would like to see. This
information is used by our developers to make revisions to the product.

We update our software following internationally acceptable product revision standards, which is
periodic over a 3-year span. Hence the versions 5.0, 6.0, 6.1 and 6.2 so far.

The updates do not attract any extra charges. It is part of the service contract for us to regularly update the software.

Our fully-fledged panel of subject matter experts ensures the software is updated whenever
there are changes in curriculum, and so the software is fully aligned to the new curriculum.

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