Digital Science For You
Lydia using Digital Science in a Biology lesson on Urban TV.

Cyber School Technology Solutions is running science lessons on Urban TV, on Sundays at 6:30 pm, with experienced teachers using our sophisticated e-learning software – of which you will see examples in the link below. Under the name “Digital Science For You”, the show provides lessons in biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics, for O Level students.

This program is aimed at:

  • Promoting quality education
  • Promoting science and mathematics
  • Promoting e-learning
  • Encouraging enthusiasm for sciences and mathematics, by both teachers and students

The program reaches an estimated 100,000 viewers every Sunday and this population is growing rapidly.

Urban TV has recently offered us a one-year extension on our contract. This clearly shows the station’s confidence in the program and its viewers’ positive feedback. Please tune in, every Sunday at 6:30 pm, watch and share the good news with others.

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