s6 results

S6 Students rejoicing after excelling in their exams. Photo credit: The Daily Monitor

The former Minister of Education and Sports, Hon. Jessica Alupo, in her speech attributed the improvement in performance in Science subjects by S6 candidates last year but one to the deliberate efforts and investment in Digital Science by the Ministry of Education and Sports in conjunction with the Uganda Communications Commission.

The speech was given on the release of the 2014 UACE examination results at the Ministry of Education Headquarters in Kampala. In her speech, Hon. Alupo said that performance had improved in all large entry subjects but there had been a significant improvement in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry at the Principal pass levels.

???The Ministry of Education and Sports has significantly invested in ICT (e-learning) in schools to procure Digital Science content designed in line with the requirements of the National Curriculum Development Centre guidelines for curriculum content.??? the honourable minister continued.

The minister also mentioned that these (e-learning) resources have been used to ensure that all the ??schools with ICT laboratories and science kits are equipped with technology to effectively illustrate and simplify complex science concepts at O-Level.?? Hon. Alupo continued ???The students at A-Level in these schools obtain a critical skill that has enabled them to perform science better at A-Level. This has translated into a significant improvement in Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry at A-Level.???

The Honourable minister then gave a directive to all head teachers to intensify the use of Digital Science and Virtual Lab in order to further enhance the performance of students offering science and technology subjects because they are a priority for the development of this nation.

Cyber School Technology Solutions has been the premier provider of quality eLearning software to Secondary Schools in Uganda since 2006 and has since then, had their software (Digital Science & Virtual Lab) been implemented in over 850 schools in partnership with the Uganda Communications Commission and The Ministry of Education and Sports.

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