For long the pride in Digital Science was never expressed by its ability to create partnerships but rather an academic expression that was far from materializing for all its efforts. Even a decade later, the world of academia is still at crossroads ??? and fraught by the consistent decline in performance.

Proponents of new initiatives & innovations have all but failed to rekindle the love we all once had for sciences. Yet for a fact that silver bullet still lies on the animated digital software that has been powerfully built to demystify the abstractness of imaginary & ???difficult??? concepts.

Sinfa Uganda that coveted such a system was indeed challenged to test its ability to transform failures into distinctions. Then INOW was birthed from Sinfa, to popularize this as a CSR initiative in Northern Uganda ??? This saw the marriage of INOW/CSTS. A marriage that was characterized by dramatic high expectations, compromised discourse of beneficiaries yet with tactical strategies that will push success of these disadvantaged institutions.

While everything seemed new, CSTS that now values Family, Integrity, Communication, Innovation, Teamwork & Excellence (FICITE) was at its best ??? the best we have seen in our 10 years of implementing eLearning. Like a Formula 1 Race, the team has been driving faster and cautiously than ever before.

  • 3 Trainings in 5 Days by 5 CSTS Staff for INOW Project Key Stakeholders, Science Teachers and Project Coordinators was held at St. Joseph???s College, Layibi in Gulu ??? This was well attended by 31 Project Key Stakeholders who included Head Teachers, Deputy Head Teachers, PTA Chairpersons, BOG Chairpersons and Opinion Leaders as well as 4 INOW Managers; 29 Science Teachers from 4 Project Schools and 10 Project Coordinators representing each of the schools
  • 3 Launches for the Project and the INOW Science Clubs were also held in each of the 5 project schools with over 200 parents attending.
  • 4 Desktops and 1 49??? LCD Screens donated by CSTS to the schools.
  • 6 Solar Powered PCs donated by INOW to 3 Schools
  • 2 INOW Centers furnished with a 49??? LCD Screens.
  • School Administrations digging deep in to their pockets to purchase more equipment as well as repair of available systems.

Overwhelmed by our unyielding drive to excel, clients are now rethinking their attitude towards sciences. The rigorous process has reconfigured the minds of many to think big and alike with our desire to aim for the best. 5 Schools, 50 distinctions, 60% reduction in Failure Rates is what we are aiming at ??? Relentless efforts towards this is in the offing and yet we are only 20% in to the project life time.