DSC_0696-1500The team at Cyber School Technology Solutions on the 16th of December 2016 decided to crown the year in a simple, but special way, with a party. At the party, held at their head offices in the UMA Showgrounds in Lugogo, the team decided to lay back and relax, appreciating the progress that had been made during the year.

Members from different departments made their remarks; the HR/ Admin Department, got to go first. Robert was grateful for all co-operation from colleagues from other departments during the year. Patrick, from e-Learning mentioned that even if 2016 was one of the busiest for the department, it was one of the best so far. He continued to say that the department will do its best to achieve higher levels of excellence in the coming year.

Raymond, the head of Marketing noted that 2016 was an interesting year for his department.?? He noted how the department was able to bring on board self-paying schools than it had ever been.

Henry, the head of Operations said that 2016 was an especially efficient year. He was grateful for the cooperation received from the M&E department, the tireless support offered by Technical and the guidance and direction offered by the Project Manager. He also thanked his staff for the great work done during the year and is looking forward to working with the team in the New Year.

The Accounts Department, Technical Department and the Monitoring and Evaluation Department also made remarks before Christian, the Project Manager thanked in a special way UCC, which has been a great part of the project???s success. Christian also pointed out that the Software is being improved upon even further to enable users access the software over the internet and on handheld devices as well.

The party continued on through the night with great food, music mixed by the in-house DJ, who doubles as the head of the Technical department. Spirits were high and the atmosphere was warm, full of laughter and cheer, with members of staff all set to dance the night away.

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