Digital Science and Mathematics is an e-learning software to be used at 0-level. This software will, through its use of animations (moving pictures), captivating images, sound effects and clear simplified explanations of concepts, make the teaching and learning of science and mathematics attractive, useful and fun, to both teachers and students.


The aspect of sight, in the development of our software, is of prime importance. The software is unique.

A lot of improvements have been made to the products, basing on client needs, the secondary school curriculum, teaching styles in schools and the available technology infrastructure in the schools. In 2009, we are running Digital Science and Mathematics 6.0 in Ugandan secondary schools. This product is based on the Uganda Certificate of Education (Ordinary Level) curriculum, as provided by the National Curriculum Development Centre. The adoption of the curriculum as a basis for development of content for this product, has seen us take up teaching / learning objectives, as given at the different learning levels, per subject.

This, therefore, means that you would be using materials that are based on an approved curriculum structure, proper and approved sequencing of content per class, according to the subject. It also means that as a teacher you would find it very comfortable to use in the classroom, as it rhymes with your lesson preparations or planning. To a student, you would find this version very friendly as it adequately addresses content aspects in each topic per class. You would, therefore, easily locate whatever you want, in the right place.
This version covers the subject areas of Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Mathematics