invariants of enlargement 1Digital Mathematics 6.2 has 58 Topics with a total of 138 sub-topics.Digital mathematics is presented in a way that enables teachers to impart concepts and formulae in a simplified way and in an approach that makes it easier to comprehend and recall.Digital mathematics, like the digital science subjects, is packaged with visually enhanced examples and demonstrations.

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Subject: Mathematics
Version: 6.2
Level: O-level
No. of Topics: 58
No. of Sub-topics: 138 ??(S1: 38; S2: 35; S3: 38; S4: 27)
Includes 2D Animations: Yes
Includes 3D Animations: Yes
Includes Interactivity: Yes
Includes Glossary: Yes
Includes Additional notes: Yes
Includes Quiz: Yes
No. of Quiz Questions: More than 500
Aligned with National Curriculum: 100%
Includes Local Examples: Yes
Includes Local Voice: Partially
Teacher Training Included: Yes (for a list of all services, click??here)
Student Training Included: Yes
Support Visits Included: Yes
Help-desk Included: Yes
Monitoring & Evaluation Included: Yes
Installed in: 850+ Rural and Urban Schools
Current Outreach: 60,000+ students


All 4 subjects (Biology, Chemistry, Math and Physics) are sold as one.