Sneak Peak into the Virtual Lab Software

Virtual Lab 2.0??is ideally a laboratory at your convenience. This product is meant to provide you with all facilities of a typical laboratory for easy, cheap and repetitive practice. It is convenient for both teachers and students and thus can be used in the classroom / laboratory and as a revision tool.

It does not replace your typical practicals but enhances and provides an environment for practice where actual practicals are not possible.

All experiments provided in this version are derived from the approved UCE Teaching Syllabi for Chemistry, Biology and Physics. It is targeted to the O-level.

By enabling teachers and students to conduct experiments in all the science subjects, with the use of computers, our Virtual Lab software provides a much-needed complement to a real laboratory. It also saves on limited and costly materials.There are 40 biology , 58 chemistry and 59 physics experiments.

Virtual Lab software comes along with Digital Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics software.

Virtual Lab Software – Product Description
Version: 2.0
Level: O-level
No. of Experiments Biology: 40
No. of Experiments Chemistry: 58
No. of Experiments Physics: 59
Includes 2D Animations: Yes
Includes 3D Animations: Yes
Includes Interactivity: Yes
Includes Local Examples: Yes
Includes Voice: Yes
Teacher Training Included: Yes (for a list of all services, click??here)
Student Training Included: Yes
Support Visits Included: Yes
Help-desk Included: Yes
Monitoring & Evaluation Included: Yes
Installed in: 850+ Schools
Current Outreach: 60,000+ students


Experiments of all 3 subjects (Biology, Chemistry, Physics) are sold as one.